Fourze Driver

Kamen Rider Series:

Kamen Rider Fourze


Gentaro Kisaragi

First Appearance:

Kamen Rider OOO WONDERFUL: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals

Number of Episode Appearance:

TBA(Fourze), 2(Movie)

The Fourze Driver is Kamen Rider Fourze's transformation belt that was given to Gentaro by Kengo. To transform into Fourze, Gentaro places four Astro Switches into the Switch Sockets (スイッチソケット, Suitchi Soketto), pulls the Enter Lever (エンターレバー, Entā Rebā) on the side of the belt, and raise his right arm in the air. By switching on a correspondent Astro Switch, or a combination of Astro Switches, before pushing the Enter Lever again, Fourze can perform a Limit Break (リミットブレイク, Rimitto Bureiku) finishing attack.