Kamen Rider Series:

Kamen Rider Double


Shotaro Hidari, Philip

First Appearance:

Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

Last Appearance:

Kamen Rider Double Returns

Number of Episode Appearances:

49(W) 6(Movies)

The HardBoilder, designated the "MB1000RV", is Double's personal Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle. Like Double, the HardBoilder is black and green and is also able to change forms by swapping out the back half of the motorcycle after docking with the RevolGarry.


Start Dash ModeEdit

The HardBoilder can also be put into Start Dash Mode to increase its speed. The Start Dash Mode components can be detached after deployment to slow down any chasing adversaries.


The first of HardBoilder's forms is the black and red HardTurbuler, which is a flying hovercraft like vehicle. The HardTurbuler is armed with Scramble Cutter (スクランブルカッター, Sukuranburu Kattā) guns.


The second of HardBoilder's forms is the black and gold HardSplasher, a personal water craft like vehicle. The HardSplasher is armed with a torpedo launcher.


The HardGunner (ハードガンナー, HādoGannā?) is the combination of the front unit of the HardBoilder and Kamen Rider Accel's robotic tank the Gunner A. This combination is faster than the HardBoilder and also arms it with the Gaia Cannon.


The HardMammother (ハードマンモシャー, Hādomanmoshā) was Double's temporarily owned giant mammoth-like mecha, piloting it when the front unit of the HardTurbuler docks into it. The HardMammother also had a Maximum Drive attack that is activated when the Heat Memory is inserted into the Maximum Slot. It only appears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010 as the Mammoth Mecha (マンモスメカ, Manmosu Meka?) under the control of Super Shocker, then Dummy Dopant control of it, before Double takes control of it. It is destroyed along with the Super Crisis Fortress.