'Kamen Rider Meteor 'is the upcoming second Kamen Rider of Kamen Rider Fourze.


Ryuusei is a transfer student coming to Amanogawa High. He is actually an alien from Mars who warns Gentaro of a "Great Space War"

Kamen Rider MeteorEdit

220px-Kamen Rider Meteor Full
Kamen Rider Meteor (仮面ライダーメテオ Kamen Raidā Meteo?): Like Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider Meteor's powers come from the Astro Switches which harness a mysterious form of energy called Cosmic Energy (コズミックエナジー Kozumikku Enajī). After transforming into Kamen Rider Meteo, Ryuusei shouts out "The Meteor is Here!" (隕石キター! Inseki kitā!) and "Whatchaa" (ホワッチャーッ Howatchā).


Meteor DriverEdit

The Meteor Driver (メテオドライバー Meteo Doraibā) is a belt that gives Ryuusei the ability to become Kamen Rider Meteor. He transforms into Kamen Rider Meteor after the Meteor Switch is inserted into the Switch Socket (スイッチソケット Suitchi Soketto), pulling the trigger, and pushing down the lever.

Astro SwitchesEdit

The Astro Switches (アストロスイッチ Asutoro Suitchi) are mysterious devices that are the source of Kamen Rider Meteor's powers. They are able to harness Cosmic Energy, like Kamen Rider Fourze's Astro Switches. Unlike Kamen Rider Fourze's, these Switches are not numbered.

  • Meteor Switch (メテオスイッチ Meteo Suitchi): The Meteor Switch allows Ryuusei to transform into Kamen Rider Meteor

Meteor GalaxyEdit

The Fingerprint Authentication Brace Meteor Galaxy (指紋認証ブレス メテオギャラクシー, Shimon Ninshō Buresu Meteo Gyarakushī) is Kamen Rider Meteor's personal weapon which is attached onto his right wrist. On the Meteor Galaxy, there are three levers representing three of the eight planets in our solar system, which acts similar to Astro Switches by using Cosmic Energy to enhance Kamen Rider Meteor's powers. By turning the levers on and touching the touch panel, Kamen Rider Meteor can acess special abitlities via Cosmic Energy.

  • Mars Lever (マーズレバー, Māzu Rebā): The Mars Lever allows Kamen Rider Meteor to execute fiery punches.
  • Jupiter Lever (ジュピターレバー, Jupitā Rebā): The Jupiter Lever allows Kamen Rider Meteor to create a meteor shower.
  • Saturn Lever (サターンレバー, Satān Rebā): The Saturn Lever allows Kamen Rider Meteor to create energy rings.


The Machine Meteostar (マシンメテオスター Mashin Meteo Sutā) is Kamen Rider Meteor's personal motorcycle which is compatable with the Power Dizer.